I want my jewelry to be intricate but not intimidating, unique but approachable. Maybe it’s no surprise that I want to be those things, too. I love making and wearing jewelry that tells my story, and I try to help tell an original story, your story, with every piece I create. From the stackable charm bracelet to the fashionable prayer necklace, I want to create jewelry that tells the world who we are.

It’s about so much more than making versatile pieces that give the wearer lots of options, although that’s something I strive for with every new design. Creating jewelry that takes a woman from day to evening is just the first step. I try to create jewelry that is meaningful as well. When you can glance down at a bracelet with your children’s names on it or a necklace with an arrowhead or sea shell that you found walking along the beach, there’s a true beauty in that moment.
That’s also why I like to combine earthy materials with something that sparkles, pairing precious and semi-precious gems with elements like bone, horn, wood, and stone. There’s something unexpected in the contrast, but not one way could possibly define us. I find great delight in taking an ancient artifact or a simple geode slice or rock that one of my daughters discovered and highlighting its natural beauty by casting it in sterling silver, white or yellow gold, and layering it with gemstones. The juxtaposition of old and new, coarse and sophisticated, organic and urban… they’re combinations that exist in all of us. We’re all part flawless and refined, part raw and resolute.

I’m so grateful to my family, especially my loving husband and two wonderful daughters, and to God. In all of their eyes, I feel perfect in my imperfections. They inspire me every day and I’m so thankful that they’re part of my story. And I’m honored that you would take the time to get to know me and my work.

Thank you,